best offline cricket games

Which is the Best Offline Cricket Game?

  • November 6, 2019

If you love to play cricket games then we are going to tell you about the best offline cricket games that you can play easily. In this modern world, if you like to play offline cricket games then stick here with us. The best cricket games are given below. As you know games are important for our minds and health.

Cricket games are best if you love cricket because it feels you like you are playing cricket in real life. You really enjoy playing these best games of cricket and have fun. Over the years many cricket games with all featured 3 formats ODI, T20, and Test matches in them. You can play all cricket games on your cell phone, Ipad, iPhone and have fun.

Some of the best offline cricket games are given below

1. Real Cricket 19

One of the most popular games is Real cricket 19 which has more then 7 lacks downloads. Everyone loves to play this game. This game is just amazing and with its amazing and awesome graphics, it feels like you are playing a real-life cricket. In Real Cricket 19 Mod Apk, you can unlock many new things and also you can buy new stadiums, Tournament with coins you win from ranked and unranked matches. You can easily customize your team, Team logo, Jersy and also the player. You can use coins to boost up your team and player performance. You need to win all matches so you can get gems and coins to unlock new stadiums. Its f2p game if you love to play f2p games on mobile then this cricket game is best for you and easily download it from google play store.

2. Big bash Cricket

If you don’t like to play ODI”s or Test then this game is for you. This game is a T20 league in Australia just like IPL. Simply select your favorite club team and start your game. Make your progress throughout the game and win many prizes. You will get many gems and coins so you can unlock new things and players. The game developers always keep you updated regarding its new feature and players so you can put any player in your team you want.

3. World Cricket Championship 2

This game is one of the most popular game and you can easily download this game and play. In this game, there are many new features that you may like. more than 10+ bowling actions, Helicopter Shot, Cover Drive, upper-cut, paddle sweep and more. This thing makes this game popular games of all time. With its many amazing controls, you can choose any style you want and make your bowling best and enjoyable batting.

4. Cricket T20 fever 3D

This is only for those who love to play T20 cricket only. Its 3d effects make this game enjoyable and you may feel like you are playing in real life. This game has 8 international teams and you can pick your favorite team you want. Simple choose any team you want and start gaining progress and get many prizes and gems. You can use gems to unlock new things that are locked.

5. World Cricket Battle

This game comes with many modes like PVP mode, Career Mode, and Leagues like BBL, IPL, BPL, Asia Cup and many more. You can change anything during the match and also you can play with your favorite team you want. If you want to enjoy amazing graphics then you must need a high power cell phone.

What is a Good Cheap Microphone for Recording Vocals?

  • November 3, 2019

You may be a singer, a rapper or a producer. All you need is a microphone to record your song or anything you want. To record at a professional level you need a good microphone. The good news for you is that you can get cheap microphone which is good for you and you can easily buy them. In this modern era, Finding a good microphone is very hard but no need to worry because we are going to tell you about a good microphone that is available for you at a cheap price.

There are many good microphones that you can use. Some of them are given below. You can buy any microphone you want on this coming usb microphones black Friday deals 2019. On this day, You can get an insane discount on each microphone you want to buy.

Top 5 Cheap Microphone For Vocals

Below there some cheap microphones that you can buy.

  • Blue Yeti Usb Microphone
  • MXL 770
  • Shure SM7B
  • SE Electronics sE2200a II
  • Audio Technica 2035

For a professional level, You must need a professional microphone and from above of all mention mics, Blue Yeti is the best and professional mic for you. You can easily get this microphone at a cheap price this coming black Friday. Soon all deals on blue yeti black Friday will announce and you can easily buy this microphone. There is no need to worry if you dont have much money. You can go to other microphones and buy them at a cheap price.

Above mention, all microphones are best for you. There are a few things that you need to know about microphones. Some of them are given below

  • First of all, You should check if this microphone is in your budget or out of budget.
  • After this, Frequency Rate of the microphone so you can easily record your song.
  • The microphone sensitivity plays an important role while you are recording your song or vocals.
  • Patterns of microphones in which pattern you want to record.

These are things that you must know before buying a cheap good microphone. You may get many microphones is a cheap price and all are good and best for you. We tell you about those microphones that are best for you.