Is there a Messenger App for PC?

  • January 1, 2020

If you are looking for any messenger app that you can use on your Pc then there are many apps that you can use. Here we are not talking about android or IOS messenger we are here to tell you about pc messenger app. There are many message apps that you can use on your Pc. In this modern world, everyone has cell phones android or Ios but if you dont own a cell phone or if you want to use messenger on your Pc then you can use many messengers like Dk Messenger, Trillian Messenger, Paltalk Messenger, Ez Talk, and many others. Among all of them, DK messenger is a famous and popular app. Thi messenger is the most used app and you may easily use this app.

Now let’s discuss all these famous and popular messenger apps.

1 DKMessenger

DKMessenger allows real-time communication with your buddies and also you can make video and audio calls, You can also share your media with each other. This app only works with Pc, not on your cell phones. You can also make online business meetings with this messenger. If you dont have any microphone then, Text to Speech (TTS) synthesis speaks the messenger text typed by your buddies. In short this a popular messenger that you can use on your Pc if you dont have any cell phone and have fun with your mates.

2 Trillian Messenger

Another famous messenger is Trillian messenger and with its attractive themes, everyone loves to use it. This app allows you to do audio and video chat and you can also share media or any documents with your friends. One of the most awesome features is that you can set your status to online, idle, dont disturb, and invisible. It’s up to you which status you want to keep. Overall this app is goo only for Pc.

3 EZ Talk Messenger

It is another type of pc messenger and this messenger allows those tings that above two dont. With this messenger, you can share your screen with your friends and show them anything you want without sending them. This app has a friendly user interface and you may not get bored or hooked trying to navigate through this app, as everything is very well designed.

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