About Us

Who is Lahlouba?

Lahlouba  is a small Tunisian very curious; who has a lot of ideas and who wants to become a real citizen.

For some time now we have been talking about elections and their importance. She therefore listens to try to understand and master the concepts.

Who had the idea to develop this cartoon character and these cartoons?

This comic book was created in June 2013 by the Touensa Association  which acts on the two following aspects: Awakening of the Citizen & Public Governance.

As part of the awakening, Touensa members had the idea to develop the notion of citizenship based on humor.

They created the Lahlouba character in order to highlight the importance of active citizenship and to try to develop the critical spirit and sense of responsibility among the Tunisian citizen.

At the approach of the elections, the team decided to produce a series of cartoons by animating the character of Lahlouba.

Who are the partners of this project?

This cartoon was funded through USAID.

More than 25 associations are partners with Touensa in the distribution of cartoons and cartoons as well as in the organization of citizenship workshops.

What is the future of this project?

During the month of June, the series “LAHLOUBA & Elections” will be broadcast in Tunisian TV.

During the month of July, we will launch a series of 3 cartoons on the theme of corruption.

Why do you have to come on May 31, the day of the launch of the cartoons?

That day, a cartoon Lahlouba will be offered.  You will discover the character and its relevance.

But above all, we would like to have your contribution to give us ideas to develop the commitment and citizenship of Tunisians. Together, we can move mountains.

How to follow the news Lahlouba?

  • Visit the  Lahlouba site  to learn about lahlouba’s actions, its deployment in the region and discover examples of actions of our community of committed citizens.
  • Sign up on the Lahlouba Page  to follow the Facebook news.
  • And to participate in the launch, sign up for the Event .